—— Deyu Machinery has strong technology ——


—— Deyu Machinery has strong technology ——

Zhongshan Deyu Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the mechanical design, manufacturing, sales and service of the corrugated box industry. After years of continuous efforts, the company has become a large-scale packaging machinery enterprise. The company has strong technical strength, complete manufacturing and testing methods, and a wide range of customers.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to strengthen ourselves, continue to improve the company's comprehensive strength, increase R&D investment and R&D efforts, and build more products and processes with independent innovation concepts, hoping to open up new markets through this. We sincerely look forward to friendly cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts to make the national packaging machinery industry more refined, bigger and stronger. In the not-too-distant future, we will continue to introduce more innovative products to create value for the company, and provide customers with complete and mature products and services, so as to repay the friendly care and support of domestic and foreign users in the industry...



—— Deyu Machinery has strong technology ——

How often does the mechanical cleanliness of the carton need to be checked?

It is true that in the process of repairing carton machines, we must pay attention to their practicability and do a good job in the accurate protection and maintenance of funds, but it can also effectively improve productivity, and carton machines also have various key points, but we can't ignore them. It requires lubricating some equipment to check the carton machine in real time every day. If you want to lubricate these carton machines, you can clean them anytime and anywhere, and others have

Zhongshan carton printing machinery slotting roller unreasonable how to solve?

In the paperboard line the use of convex concave more. Because of the influence of paper and production environment, the thickness of paperboard is different, and the structure of roller is also different. The main parameter is that the width of the upper and lower roller should be appropriate, and the step transition arc of the roller should be adjusted according to the depth of the pressing line and the depth of the applicable paperboard. Generally speaking, the thicker the paperboard, the wid

Carton brush machine: what is the ink material of water-based printing press?

There are marks and pictures on the carton. How are they printed? In addition to ink, carton printing machine also needs auxiliary raw material ink (ink). So what are the raw materials used in water-based printing press? Now, we (carton machinery) have a brief understanding of the following: 1. Pigment ink provides color and color concentration, which cannot be directly attached to the paper; 2. In order to control the function of water-based ink, resin can affect the adaptability of water-based

Influence of Zhongshan carton printing machine on compressive strength

With the development of printing technology in recent years, some enterprises think that the impact of printing on the compressive strength of cartons is getting smaller and smaller, even negligible. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine part of the special corrugated box before and after printing compressive strength of the comparative sampling test. A group of prepress and Postpress carton samples were randomly selected from 9 export corrugated carton enterprises, totally 9 groups. Eac