Carton brush machine: what is the ink material of water-based printing press?

2021-04-17 650

There are marks and pictures on the carton. How are they printed? In addition to ink, carton printing machine also needs auxiliary raw material ink (ink).

So what are the raw materials used in water-based printing press? Now, we (carton machinery) have a brief understanding of the following:

1. Pigment ink is to provide color and color concentration, can not be directly attached to the paper;

2. In order to control the function of water-based ink, resin can affect the adaptability of water-based ink to printed matter and directly affect the quality of printed matter;


3. Additives are for the convenience of application, and have special requirements for the characteristics of ink, such as anti friction, inhibition of foaming, color stacking, etc;

4, water is used to dilute the water-based ink, now most of the water-based ink do not contain alcohol, can only rely on water to reach the viscosity of the machine. (pay attention not to add water directly in the production process)

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