Influence of Zhongshan carton printing machine on compressive strength

2021-04-17 572

With the development of printing technology in recent years, some enterprises think that the impact of printing on the compressive strength of cartons is getting smaller and smaller, even negligible. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine part of the special corrugated box before and after printing compressive strength of the comparative sampling test. A group of prepress and Postpress carton samples were randomly selected from 9 export corrugated carton enterprises, totally 9 groups. Each group had two samples for comparison. The paper, structure, process and storage conditions are the same. The difference is that a sample product is printed by flexo printing method now used, while others are not printed. The experimental results show that except one group of printed cartons, the compressive strength of the other 8 groups of cartons are affected to varying degrees. The obvious compressive strength of the printed cartons is 11.9% lower than that before printing. Therefore, the impact of printing on the compressive strength of corrugated box can not be ignored.


Compressive strength is an important target to measure the performance of corrugated box. It refers to the pressure that can be accepted when the corrugated box is placed in the empty box in three dimensions. The pressure at both ends is evenly pressed until the box is crushed. The factors that affect the compressive strength of corrugated box include the variety of raw materials, the structure of the box, the molding process and the logistics factors. Among them, printing as part of the molding process, the strength of the carton has been recognized by the industry.

In the part of inspection and quarantine, relevant enterprises should pay attention to the impact of printing on the compression performance of cartons

First, fully understand the performance of packaged products and packaging and transportation requirements;

Second, confirm the printing method, pressure, area, shape, orientation and other elements before production;

Third, through pre proofing to confirm the data target under various pressures, estimate the impact of printing on the performance of the carton;

Fourth, the choice of paper raw materials, improve the grade of surface paper or corrugated core paper, in order to make up for the impact of printing on tightening performance.

Article source: Zhongshan carton printing machinery Co., Ltd

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