Zhongshan carton printing machinery slotting roller unreasonable how to solve?

2021-04-17 605

In the paperboard line the use of convex concave more. Because of the influence of paper and production environment, the thickness of paperboard is different, and the structure of roller is also different. The main parameter is that the width of the upper and lower roller should be appropriate, and the step transition arc of the roller should be adjusted according to the depth of the pressing line and the depth of the applicable paperboard.

Generally speaking, the thicker the paperboard, the wider the pressing line. As for the three-layer paperboard, the circular surface pressing wheel can also be used. Therefore, because there is no consistent structure of the line roller, the carton is required to find out the appropriate line roller structure according to the actual situation.

The processing method of unreasonable slotting roller for carton printing equipment is as follows:

1. By adjusting the structure of the roller, the step arc radius of the roller is increased properly;

2. Select the method of preloading failure and preload before formal line pressing. Its disadvantage is that it forms obvious trace of pressing line;

3. The quality of base paper is required to be good, and the quality of face paper and liner paper should be selected for the paperboard with higher requirements;

4. Control the pressing depth correctly. According to the thickness of the paperboard, control the gap between the upper and lower rollers, so that the paperboard can be properly compressed;


5. The moisture content of base paper and paperboard should be appropriate. The worse the quality of base paper is, the drier the paperboard is, and the higher the broken line probability is;

6. Control the alignment of the upper and lower rollers to avoid the dislocation of the rollers;

7. For the paperboard with poor bottom paper quality, the wire touching machine should be selected;

8. If the pressure line cracks due to the drying of the paperboard, the water spraying method can be used to increase the moisture content of the paperboard.

Under normal working conditions, when pressing the line, the line is vertical when the pressing plate is folded, and the folding angle is a smooth arc angle; when it is folded back, it is a double line, and the box is in excellent condition. However, if the front or inside of the carton paper cracks or cracking, it will affect the quality of the carton. The reasons are as follows:

1. The short fiber of surface paper or inner paper is not foldable;

2. The paperboard is too dry when offline;

3. The pressure is too high when pressing the line;

4. The width of the pressing line is too narrow.

Treatment method:

1. Change the paper or inner paper with better quality;

2. Adjust the moisture content of the paperboard, and deal with the problem of the paperboard after spraying and other moisture regain measures.

3. Adjust the pressure of the press according to the different types of corrugated cardboard and the thickness of the third, fifth and seventh cardboard;

4. The width of the three-layer box shall not be less than 8mm. If below this specification, paper or inner paper will appear cracks.

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