How often does the mechanical cleanliness of the carton need to be checked?

2021-04-17 628

It is true that in the process of repairing carton machines, we must pay attention to their practicability and do a good job in the accurate protection and maintenance of funds, but it can also effectively improve productivity, and carton machines also have various key points, but we can't ignore them. It requires lubricating some equipment to check the carton machine in real time every day. If you want to lubricate these carton machines, you can clean them anytime and anywhere, and others have different characteristics. Even in this case, you should ensure good flatness. The following parts must be used in the process of their own useful stacking, and always pay attention to cleaning Fair liquidation is very serious.


In the maintenance process of the carton machine, open the whole carton machine every month to check the cleanliness inside, and refuel properly according to the actual situation of different places. In this way, we can well protect the whole carton machine, and we need to control them fairly to prevent more dust, and there are more gear or chain requirements, which can prevent the wear of machine parts. In addition, smoothing them every day will produce a smoother effect, which is also very important. Carton machinery such equipment in the ideal state of survival will have more protection and maintenance, now see many businesses in the process of protecting the carton machine, expect them to continue processing and operation, in this regard, can also greatly improve the service life of the machine.

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