How to choose Zhongshan carton printing machinery?

2021-04-17 552

One taboo is to hold down the price and try to be cheap. Don't understand it as not bargaining. The price is still to be said. Business is to be profitable. Where does good service come from without profit?

Bargaining is necessary, but don't make two taboos: first set the price, then set the function.

The purpose of purchasing advanced carton equipment is to improve the market competitiveness in the same industry. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the functions of purchasing carton equipment.


Many people are not very clear about the functions of the carton equipment they want to buy, and they don't know how to ask. They are worried that they will be cheated because they don't know what to do with the suppliers, so they are very obedient.

In fact, it doesn't matter. Who knows if you don't say it?

However, your intention to purchase equipment is clear, and it is confirmed what kind of carton you expect to make to be competitive. You only need to ask the supplier how to achieve it, and cooperation with you will naturally give you accurate and professional answers.

It is necessary for the supplier to make clear the principle of these functions, what the hardware equipment to realize these functions is and where the products are, and implement them one by one in the technical terms of the contract as an integral part of the contract.

Why do you do this?

This part will be an important document for equipment arrival inspection, post commissioning inspection, shelf-life service, equipment protection and ordering of vulnerable parts, along with the complete service life process of the equipment.

The supplier is also required to provide the equipment inspection standard, which is used as the basis to check whether the equipment is in common with what the supplier said.

Only when the functions of the carton equipment to be purchased meet their own production intention, can it be of practical significance to discuss the price. It is a big taboo to purchase the equipment if the price policy is achieved with the value of dedicated functions.

Article source: Zhongshan carton printing machinery Co., Ltd

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