How to maintain Zhongshan carton printing machinery?

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I. static maintenance of carton printing machine

The static maintenance of carton printing machine refers to the maintenance of the machine when the machine is still.

1. Establish rules and regulations for machine maintenance. The maintenance of offset press should be based on the instruction manual of the machine. Such as regular oil change, filter cleaning, regular detection of machine accuracy.

2. Strengthen the maintenance of important parts. Gears, cams, sprockets, rollers and bearings are important parts of the printing press. Their maintenance should be different from other parts, because the change of their accuracy will affect the final printing quality. The tension spring is a part of the machine which is used for force balance and organization. The quality of their operation directly determines the accuracy of the matching of the moving parts. The tension spring must have sensitive elasticity, and the anelasticity and irrecoverable plastic deformation are extremely disadvantageous to the operation of the tension spring. If the above problems are found, the tension spring shall be replaced immediately.

3. Change skills and strengthen machine maintenance. Machine maintenance requires that the convenience of machine maintenance should be fully considered when planning. But because of the complexity of the printing press, it is obviously impossible to take every factor into account, and the content of machine maintenance will also change with the change of environment. Therefore, those structures that are not conducive to machine maintenance should be improved without affecting normal operation.


Dynamic maintenance of carton printing machine

The dynamic maintenance of carton printing machine refers to the maintenance of the machine when the printing machine is in motion. Machine static maintenance is the premise of machine dynamic maintenance. A machine dynamic operation can in turn detect the level of machine static maintenance. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is important.

The main contents of dynamic maintenance of carton printing machine are as follows:

1. Machine readiness test. The ready condition of the machine can be detected by inching or turning. For example, things and other items are stuck in the machine; whether the position of the printing plate device is suitable, if not, it may damage the printing plate or bring great difficulties to find the rules; whether the blanket device is suitable, if not, it may cause printing problems, and in serious cases, it may damage the blanket or the machine.

2. The smoothness of the machine. First of all, you can investigate whether the oil circuit of the machine is unblocked through the oil label. If there is no oil in the oil label or the investigation of the oil label is not clear, you should urgently park the car and carefully check whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit. Although it is easy to investigate the oil leakage of the machine, it is difficult to find the cause. For machines such as sliding bearing, low speed is not conducive to its smoothness, especially inching or low speed operation. Therefore, before carrying out such operations, it is better to refuel the idling machine first, which is also a primary task that every head should do before going to work. The oil pump of some machines is driven by the main engine. Therefore, when the oil is reversed, the oil in the oil circuit can not be filled, but will be sucked back to the oil tank. This is very dangerous, so reverse point should be avoided. The smoothness of some important parts can also be detected by the metal temperature nearby. If the temperature is too high, there is a problem with the smoothness.

3. Impact during machine operation. In the process of machine operation, the smaller the impact, the more conducive to printing, and can also extend the service life of the machine. Reducing the printing pressure (pressure in a broad sense) is an important condition to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the printed products, the smaller the printing pressure, the better. Reducing the speed of the machine is another important condition to reduce the moment of inertia of the machine. The lower the speed of the machine, the smaller the moment of inertia. Therefore, the machine should not always work at high speed. The above aspects are only part of the daily protection and maintenance of the printing press. The quality of the daily protection and maintenance of the printing press directly affects the service life and product quality of the printing press, so we can't be careless.

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