Carton brush machine: how to use cheap carton equipment?

2021-04-17 459

When carton enterprises purchase carton equipment, most of them will send enterprise representatives, and the person in charge of the enterprise will choose the equipment instead of the enterprise. When comparing the strength of carton packaging machinery manufacturers and the quality of carton equipment, they are often tempted by the price of cheap equipment, especially when purchasing equipment in batch. The price distance is very large. If the selection is wrong, they will be responsible for the enterprise for a while Purchasing cheap equipment can save a lot of money, which is also the habitual misunderstanding of purchasers and the shortsightedness of the industry. Saving money for a while may lay the groundwork for a large amount of money in the future. For the same equipment, the price error is generally affected by equipment and skills. If the quality of the equipment selected is not up to standard, or the quality is average, it will be difficult for carton machinery under high load To bear, if the selection of accessories is the same, it depends on the skill content, which is also the root cause of enterprise distance, lack of skills leads to poor use of equipment.


Due to the development of the express industry driven by online shopping, the huge express carton market has greatly increased the demand for carton machinery. The orders of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market are in the majority. At this time, there will be many individuals or small workshops to produce carton equipment for sale. After all, some equipment prices are not high, and the low price equipment customers neglect the steps of investigating the company, and directly buy and deal with it There are various problems when the equipment is put into production or after it is put into production. These workshop factories which are not afraid of after-sales strength lead to problems such as production delay of carton enterprises.

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