What are the purchasing channels of Zhongshan carton printing machinery?

2021-04-17 566

There are many kinds of carton machinery and equipment. The high demand is carton printing machine. Other equipment include carton gluing machine, carton nailing machine, paper mounting machine, die-cutting machine, packer and so on. The large-scale carton equipment is the cardboard production line. Each equipment is divided into automatic, semi-automatic, manual and other different equipment. Different equipment is customized according to different carton standards It takes a lot of effort to purchase. What are the correct acquisition channels? How to purchase? Let's share some experience.

1. Network search

The Internet is a convenient thing. Basically, all large and medium-sized enterprises have their own official websites, and so do carton machinery enterprises. The image effect of enterprises in the network is becoming more and more important. When looking for carton equipment resources on the Internet, we must pay attention to distinguish the authenticity of the website, and then ask for materials, deepen the understanding of enterprises according to the materials, and then carry out the research Comparison between enterprises.


2. Local office

There are offices of carton equipment enterprises in many regions. The basic effect of these offices is similar to that of agents and dealers. However, the offices will not place equipment at all. However, they can provide case resources in the region and allow customers to watch the use of equipment. Many offices are not of one enterprise, and they will provide many enterprises with sales services It will also supply matching manufacturers and equipment according to customer demand.

3. Direct supply from manufacturer

After a series of understanding, we need to go to the manufacturer to observe, especially the expensive equipment, which is a necessary process to be responsible for our own enterprises. However, we pay too much attention to the direct supply of manufacturers. For example, you need to purchase printing machines, gluing machines, etc. each enterprise has its own specialized products. When we go to observe the manufacturer of carton printing machines, the other party will supply them to other manufacturers Glue box machine equipment, at this time don't be too sensitive, because no enterprise will produce all the equipment, generally strong cooperation, in order to serve good customers, will also provide good other supporting equipment.

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