What are the types of Zhongshan carton printing machinery and equipment?

2021-04-17 542

Carton packaging printing factory mainly processes corrugated box printing process, and there are many kinds of printing equipment, such as chain ink printing machine, leading edge ink printing machine, whole process adsorption high-speed ink printing machine, high-definition ink printing machine and so on. According to the market positioning, the quality of printing is different, simple yellow box printing requirements are relatively low, let's introduce each type of printing equipment as follows:

1. Chain ink press

It can satisfy the printing of yellow box, and needs manual paper feeding operation, with low price and cost, but it needs more labor and high labor intensity. The printed picture can satisfy the general carton printing requirements, but not for large orders or clear pictures.


2. Leading edge ink press

Leading edge ink press is known as small high speed, relatively fast, no need to manually add paper, select the leading edge suction operation table, the paper feeding speed and printing degree is fast, satisfied with the general order demand.

3. Full adsorption ink press

The whole process adsorption function is selected for the whole machine, and the printing processing speed is the fastest of these kinds of equipment. It is a good choice for the production of large quantities of orders. The price of the whole process adsorption function equipment is relatively high, but it greatly reduces the labor intensity. The equipment behind the equipment is stacked and packed, and the overall processing speed is faster.

4. High definition ink press

The printing speed of high-definition carton printing machine can't catch up with that of high-speed machine, but the printing of high-definition pictures can only be completed with this equipment. The high-definition ink printing machine is equipped with drying and oiling function. The glossiness and clarity of printed cardboard are much higher than those of the first three, and the outer layer of carton after oiling and drying is more moisture resistant.

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