Carton brush machine: what is a paper feeder?

2021-04-17 561

There are many carton processing equipment, carton feeder is also one of them, about the feeder this processing equipment is also need to do daily maintenance work. The rotary valve in the paper feeder should be cleaned once a month. Gasoline or alcohol should be used when cleaning. Kerosene or engine oil should not be used to prevent the rotary valve from biting. After cleaning, there is no need to add gasoline or butter, because the graphite powder in the graphite pump has played a smooth role.

The cam and feed cam of carton paper feeder should be smoothed by adding proper amount of butter every week, not too much, otherwise it is easy to form the action disorder of paper separating suction nozzle or feed suction nozzle, which will affect the quality of products. In order to ensure the stability of the suction nozzle, the guide groove should also be properly filled with grease during maintenance to reduce the mechanical friction.

It is necessary to add smooth oil once a week to the swaying paper blocking teeth at the front end of the paper feeder. As paper powder and paper wool are easy to form swaying paper blocking teeth, dry friction occurs due to lack of oil. Pay attention to the proper amount of oil when refueling, to prevent the oil from touching the paper and affecting the product quality, resulting in product scrap.


The air pump in the paper feeding device of high-speed offset press needs graphite pump, but the air pump with smooth oil can not be used. Once the smooth oil flows into the rotary air valve of the paper feeder through the air pump and combines with the paper powder in the paper, it is very easy to form the rotary air valve spool and valve sleeve, which will cause serious trouble.

The maintenance of the carton feeder should be carried out every week, and the swing and rolling of the mechanical double sheet controller should also be confirmed, which is also to prevent the stuffy car accident caused by improper maintenance.

No matter what kind of carton processing equipment needs to do a good job in daily maintenance. With the rapid development of the industry, the requirements for equipment are also higher and higher. In addition to the high quality, it requires a high processing speed, which also increases the working pressure of carton processing machinery and equipment. If there is no good maintenance to maintain, it is easy to break Service life of equipment.

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